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  • Run Command On Standby

    I am running Windows XP Pro with RR 2-2010 with elite lite 1.6.6 skin. When I resume from standby RR is still on the "shutdown" screen. I want to make it so when I resume from standby it is at the main menu.

    I tried making the button standby||main and it would just standby, and I tried main||standby and it just went tot main screen. Is there a way do this properly?

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    in exectbl.ini add

    Riderunner / Genesis
    Plugin Breaker in test BassRR Plugin Player, Wifiman_NET
    New Home for Genesis & BassRR :adding to site ,, Hellfyre night
    Bassrr Beta Release :Version 1.3.7
    Movie_info Release :Version 3.1.0
    Wifiman_NET:Version 1.0.0

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      open Exectbl.ini and put in ONE of these two:



      Ride Runner RR's Myspace

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        i tried the onresume and it worked kind of, but i had to click on the screen anywere and it would pop back to the main pain... ill have to try the onsuspend when I get a chance again and see if that makes a difference.


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          yes the onsuspend command works perfectly