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  • riderunner and mobilephone

    Hey all, before the flames and the usual "search ya nub" repleys get posted I have spent the last week trolling through the forums on this and cant find a answer. I cant get mobilephone to work at all, I can pair and use bluesoleil and their cphonetool to work, I can install the trial version of centrafuse and it works with the phone. I have an Asus at3n7a-i board and the bluetooth on it is not compatable with blusoleil at all, wont work, did the edit the .ini thing to no avail. the chip if anyone is interested is a Atheros AR3011, not that it matters. I now have a zoom 4322 that even came with an older version of BS.

    So what am i doing wrong?

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    I agree.

    I also can't seem to find a good and clear tutorial/how-to for installing the necessary tools, configuring the settings, modifying the skinfiles etc to get the mobile phone to work properly with RR. I have Bluesoleil, my phone is recognized (Palm Treo 650 smartphone), I have put the MAC address into the .ini of but really nothing happens. My BT on the phone is called 6 times per minute (connect, immediately disconnects) and also CphoneTool can't do anything with the phone; not making call nor answering one. Also my contacts are not imported due to not connecting to the PIM (??).... etc etc... quite frustrating...

    I hope I don't have to buy a dedicated BT carkit to use my phone handsfree instead having a complete computer with all necessary hard-/software at my service...


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      I know its a long thread, but take the time over the next few days and read through the whole .net mobilephone plugin thread. You will learn a lot about it just by following the processes of developing it and other peoples trouble shooting.


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        so your responce is to reread a 53 page post?


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          Originally posted by porscheman View Post
          so your responce is to reread a 53 page post?
          I know it seems crazy, and a bit extreme, but in many cases that is the best bet. You will see questions asked, many like above, and then answers and trouble shooting on how to overcome the problems.

          You will have better lock with that than trying to talk someone else into reading the 53 pages, and answer all of your questions
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            I'm not telling you to read through just because I don't want to answer it. I read through all 53 pages of it myself. I spent countless time trying to get BT phone to work on my PC and after I read through it I got all my stuff up and running in no time.


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              They are saying ...

              That while they have their installation working, they don't remember what one thing that they did that made it work.

              I went through the same drill Friday evening and Saturday evening. But I had to basically sift through most of the posts.

              It is like having a software users guide in your hand and calling tech support anyway. The answer is "Read the F**ING Manual", RTFM!

              There aren't many shortcuts and you really ***are*** asking others to go through and tell which posts contain the answers you need.

              It would take them as much time as it would take you, and they like I probably are working on some other carPC problem/issue now.

              Good luck, let us know what you did to get it working.


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                I have done quite alot of reading in that particular thread but still without any luck.
                Maybe it's my phone, that it can't communicate with CphoneTool is maybe THE reason it can't communicate with RR and in the first place.

                I thought Bluetooth is Bluetooth... that every phone with Bluetooth is compatible with every program that uses Bluetooth but I begin to wonder about this...

                I will test it with another phone, a more modern one. If that is working, I know that the Bluetooth in my phone is not the same Bluetooth that is used as a standard but that why oh why is my phone working 100% with 3 different kinds of Bluetooth carkits, 2 car stereo's and 4headsets??!

                Never used the word 'Bluetooth' this often though...


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                  Originally posted by porto View Post

                  I thought Bluetooth is Bluetooth... that every phone with Bluetooth is compatible with every program that uses Bluetooth but I begin to wonder about this...

                  Don't even bother wondering about it.

                  Bluetooth and phones is a mystic art, there are so many incompatibities it stopped being fun years ago.

                  This is why getting a phones to work in the car is one of the holy grail trinities.


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                    Really, this is something HIGHLY dependent of the PHONE and the bluetooth services offered by it (and if they can be used by the dongle/adapter used). The most "bullet proof" way of doing this is using a specific hardware for this purpose and STILL some features will depend on the phone (i.e. phonebooks, sms, etc), but generally speaking at least the basic things should work (answer/hangup/redial/callerid). If this is a "MUST" for you and you want to get it working with software alone, then you'll just endup choosing a phone that works with the software available (which is also a hardware choice, just not on the computer itself).
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                      Hello Guino,

                      That's the point... my phone doesn't even do the basic things like calling/answer calls etc...
                      I have it connected constantly (like a headset) now with Bluesoleil but when searching for services it only finds 1 and that's all.

                      I tried with another phone, a Samsung SGH-D600, and immediately Bluesoleil finds no more than 6 services by itself and with 1 click I can import the contactlist, get a FTP directory listing, can use BT virtual serial ports, calling and anwering numbers etc...

                      So, it's definately my phone which isn't quite compatible.

                      Already searching for a Palm Treo 850 (Pro)... hopefully that one supports more BT services!


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                        my phone works great with bluesoleil and with centrafuse, i just cant get it to connect to mobilephone. so its not a phone issue


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                          Got a Palm Treo 850 (Pro) now and, despite it has exactly 1 service (PAN service) more than my Treo 650 (= 2), the phone connects fine with bluesoleil, cphonetool, freefone and I can make and answer calls. Seems overall connection has nothing to do with BT services but more with generic BT (connection) issues with that particular phone itself.

                          Can't seem to import my contacs for editing though because of that little PIM patch for WM6 devices on the Bluesoleil website that just won't install but I've read that to be a common problem and Bluesoleil doesn't seem to do anything about it at all.

                          Now trying to get the Phoco skin layout made in Flash.


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                            I know it's going against the whole RTFM thing... but I've seen it a few times, and it's the one of the first steps of installation that people tend to overlook.... in the mobilephone.INI you need to put the MAC address of your phone.
                            Do you have the correct version of .NET installed?

                            Other than that read away.
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