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Removing album name when browsing music?

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  • Removing album name when browsing music?

    When browsing music in RR and there is the options to search by artist, genre, or album. Now say I pick genre, it goes to rock, country, rap, etc etc. Next I would pick an artist, then it finally goes to pick an album for the artist. Is there any way to remove this so when I select an artist it goes straight to the tracks and not albums? It's a small issue, but it's just one less step to have to go through when in a car. Thanks for any help!

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    If you organize your music by folders you can do this directly by just having a Genre/Artist folder and putting all the songs in there. If you're using the winamp library, it will always show the "Albums" first, but you just have to press the button one more time while "All Albums" is selected and it will show all the tracks. There's no way around this right now, but if there's only one album, RR automatically displays the tracks (without you having to press anything).
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      Ok, but is it possible to remove the album sorting so all there will be is artist and genre?