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Higher Resolution Monitors in RR 1280x960

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  • Higher Resolution Monitors in RR 1280x960

    Hello everyone,

    I hope I haven't missed the answer to my question anywhere on the forums here but I have been searching for a few days now and still have not found an answer. If I did miss it please forgive me.

    I am working on a carputer for my 04' Santa Fe. I am useing a Zotac ION based atom mobo with the double din Lilliput EBY701 2009 model touch screen monitor.

    I have them working together just fine at a number of resolutions but not at 800x480.

    Not getting the setup to run at 800x480 wouldn't really bother me at all except the only really usable resolution I can get RR to run at is 1280x800. at every other resolution 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 etc. RR runs off the screen.

    Is there a way to get RR to run at higher resolutions?
    Do I need to build my own Skin?

    I did find a forum posting about loading the monitor drivers and the latest Nvidia drivers then creating a custom resolution to run at 800x480 but after trying 4 different configs without success I am starting to think that the monitor and video adapter combo just won't do it.

    On top of it all to be honest I would preferr to run at a higher resolution.

    Is there as skin well suited to running at higher resolutions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    For quality purposes, you're better off using the monitor at it's "Native" resolution. For 7'' screens that tends to be 800x480, but it generally requires a little extra work to get it on that resolution. Next best to that would be 800x600 as you're only doing compression of 120 lines, so you don't loose that much detail.

    Regardless of the screen's resolution or the skin's size, you can always make it fit. Just take a look at this FAQ:
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