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  • Playing audio files

    Alright so im still setting everything up and just cant seem to figure this all out..
    I am using winamp as my player and synced my ipod with winamp and set the folder for Riderunner to use and it just pulls up all my files in one huge list...
    How can I get it to actually sort these files like how it actually is setup in the ipod or just anything that isnt one big list..
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    What skin are you using? Not that any particular skin should make a difference, but helps as a reference point. Secondly, RR does not make any kind of playlist unless told to do so by either user and/or a plugin. When you go into the audio browser screen, you should see the root of whatever you entered as your music path in the config ( eg folders/files). And seeing that you are also using an iPod, you will have 3 additional list items at the top of said list. Those being Artist,album and songs, if memory serves me correct. Mind you I don't have an ipod so I am probably a tad off on what actually is displayed at the top....
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      I am using Carwings.

      Im just trying to find a way to have this setup somewhat like a normal indash. So when I plug my ipod in an option comes available to select it. Then I can choose from there if I want to go into the list of all songs, or my playlists..
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        Any way to set this up like Centrafuse? So I can have an easy flow getting to all my media?
        In centrafuse there is a nice Ipod button and then just brings up the ipod menu. Only thing i cant stand about centrafuse is no ipod playlist support..
        96' Mercedes Benz C36 -Matte Black-
        Status..::... {##------}25%~~ back to planning