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  • video files in audio list

    is there any way we can prevent video files from being loaded in the audio list?

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    in RRconfig take that file type out of the list in the music section.


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      i wish it was that simple..
      removing the file type from rr.ini will hide it from the but if it is there it will be loaded


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        put them in a separate folder


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          Originally posted by bratnetwork View Post
          put them in a separate folder

          they are actually videos of the same album, that is why they r there


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            Those are your two option, choose one.
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              Videos and Audio are made to be managed separately in RR, however, if you use something like RRMedia you should be able to browse/select only the audio files while video files are still there. Otherwise this will be entirely up to the audio player -- winamp is likely going to open any files it can play (including video files), while other players (i.e. WMP) should likely just open the audio files (as it follows the audiofiles setting in RR).
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