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trouble running video through RR, winamp

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  • trouble running video through RR, winamp

    Hi all sorry if this has been touched on before but i brought a car with a PC install 5 weeks ago and im just getting used to it i've only been playing music through road runner through winamp and last night i tried to run a film and failed it was running winamp 2.95 and i put the film MP4 in the corret place and when i clicked on the DVD or DIVX button in the menu screen and clicked browse it showed nothing after talking to a few people on my car forum who were running car pc's they first suggested installing ffdshow codec which i did no difference i then upgraded to the latest winamp still no difference so converted te film to DIVX avi format and again put that in the correct location and now when i go into DVD or DIVX and browse it now shows up but wont play, i was then advised to instal a standalone player so installed VLC player but that just crashes when i try to play anything. so can anyone tell me what im doing wrong as im fairly clueless when it comes to computers let alont a car install i emailed the chap who did the install and asked for the machine spec here it is:

    Case: Travla C158 with the 90W power supply
    Motherboard: VIA EPIA M10000
    HDD: 60Gb laptop drive (can't recall make)
    RAM: 256Mb
    Sound: Soundblaster X-Fi Extreme 5.1 PCI soundcard
    runing XP PRO
    Road runner
    map monkey

    so please can someone give me some advise as im at my wits end Thanks Darren

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    i think there is a command in place for RR to not play video's if moving. or maybe it was CF. just a thought SNO


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      RR version ?
      Debug log ?

      Without the above all I can suggest it trying different video player settings in RRConfig -- Try Built-in, WMP, MSvid first -- none of these require installing any software. If you can select a video file in the video browser and it doesn't play in RR, this is genereally a codec issue -- there's a FAQ on installing/using FFDShow. If you have installed any Codec "Pack" they could have easily messed up something -- as it has happened to me in the past.
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