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  • Use label For at button

    Hi all

    I was thinkin.. Is it possible to have a label let's say "Tagalbum" and then have a button next to it, that when pressed it's jumps right to the album that is tagged in the label, so i can browse that???


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    You can probably SEARCH your library for what that label shows (Probably using RRMedia would be nicer).. other than that if your folder structure is well defined you can use that label information to browse to that direct folder name (if it exists). Using RRExtended you can probably bring up the audio browser screen with the folder of that song open so you can view the files on the same folder... It really just depends on what you want to happen when you press that button.. ?
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      Whell im using RRmedia but how do you use the label text as a serch string?? Can't figure out how to use the dynamic label as a string for the button.