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White line below video(VLC)

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  • White line below video(VLC)

    There is a white line, 2-3px tall below the picture when playing video in RR using VLC. This line does not appear when I just use VLC.
    I have tried a couple of VOB files and a DivX, same result...
    I use the newest version of both RR and VLC.
    I have also tried three different skins...

    Any suggestions?

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    I've also experienced this:
    I ended up using another player (out of other reasons), but I'm happy that there's finally someone else mentioning that bug.


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      I personally haven't seen this but it is probably a codec issue.

      EDIT: Even though VLC doesn't use "codecs" per say, it's own decoder may also have limitations to the number of lines/pixels having to be multiple of 2 or 4, this could easily cause it to not render the entire video frame area if this size isn't a multiple of what it expects. I would try changing the size of the area for video playback and/or changing the height of the screen by a few pixels and see if it helps.
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