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Multiple RR sessions with mimo 720s usb screens

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  • Multiple RR sessions with mimo 720s usb screens

    I have read through the threads regarding RR and that it is possible to run multiple instances if you want to run separate RR in front and back seat in the car.
    I just want to confirm that my plan is working before I will buy extra screens to the back seat.
    I'm currently only having one RR session and one screen in the front in the car there I'm using DigitalFX 4 skin.
    I have a E3300 dual core and intel D41 mobo with Auzentech Xmeridian sound card.
    The children starting to get bigger so I'm planing to buy two Mimo 720S USB touch screens to the back seat. My plan is thar they shall be able to choose their own movies or music an use the built in soundcard and headphones. I guess it should be possible to use rear output to one session and front output to the other with help of virtual cable and audiomulch or something similair?
    Is there any prosible to run three sessions of RR in the same time and asign them to show the output on each of the USB screens? I know it should be posible with normal screens, I just want to confirm if anyone see any problem to do the same with USB screens.


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    This is a tricky subject.

    You can run multiple copies of RR at the same time, just start RR with the /2 parameter.

    Having said that, you'll have to choose the right combination of video/audio players that allow configuration of WHERE the sound will come out from, and then also adjust RR to control the mixer of the desired sound card. I know you can run the Built-in Video player only with the default sound card (set in windows). I have not looked into the options for VLC, MPC or WMP as far as sound card selection goes, but I know you can have multiple copies of winamp configured for the different sound cards..

    This is a MAJOR job, but it "Should" be possible... still before you go out buying stuff, you probably should just test it all with 1 monitor (i.e. by shrinking RR's skin to half the screen) and then testing everything like if it was 2 monitors. As long as you have 2 sound cards, you should be able to test/play with this.
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      Thanks for your input:-)
      I will try and play with the soundcards to see if I get it working before I go and buy two extra USB screens. I know it will be tricky to get everything working. Especially because my prefered option is to run two different RR sessions towards the built in soundcard and one RR session towards my real PCI soundcard.

      I guess it is possible to run three RR sessions at the same time the same way it is possible to run two RR sessions? Just add /2 and /3 in the ini file?

      I'm soon getting my SSD disk so I will do a clean install on my new carPC. At least I know what I can do on the vacation:-)


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        You must also edit the skin file in the second RR instance, to be placed at the second monitor.

        For example,
        1st monitor = 800x600
        2nd monitor = 800x600
        (together = 1600x600)

        The 2nd skin file should start from 800, and not from 0 pixels.


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          Originally posted by heddan View Post
          I guess it is possible to run three RR sessions at the same time the same way it is possible to run two RR sessions? Just add /2 and /3 in the ini file?
          The only thing you need to run 2-x RR instances is the /2, whether 2 or 100 RR's..
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            Thanks for your help
            I will try and install the test system at home with two monitors and play around with it before I buy the extra touch screens for the rear seat.

            One other question when it come to multiple RR. I'm currently waiting for my SSD drive for my new car-PC. What is the preffered OS to run, Windows XP or Win7 starter? The good thing with WinXP is the possibility to modify the loading screen when windows is starting up. But is it any improvments in Win 7 when it comes to handling of SSD disk so I will get a performance boost there. Or any other reason to step up to Win 7 when it comes to easier handling of multiple sound cards and so on?


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              Good luck with's more painful than it's worth (from experience). Just install another complete system in the back.
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                Or used a front end designed for multi-zone setups
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                  Originally posted by justchat_1 View Post
                  Or used a front end designed for multi-zone setups
                  Maybe that can be an idea actually.
                  I really want to have RR in the front as main setup because I have everything I want allready fixed there.
                  But in the backseat for the kids I'm only intressted of that they shall be able to play video/music and maybe browse the web. Would it be possible to install CentraFuse for the kids in the back on two USB touch screens monitors and use the built in soundcard for their two sessions and then use RR to the front. Can anyone see any possible problems with a setup like this?