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RR Slow, AVS/Milkdrop Skips EPIA-5000 help!

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  • RR Slow, AVS/Milkdrop Skips EPIA-5000 help!

    Hi guys

    I have a VIA EPIA-5000 533mhz, 378 mb ram, on board Trident video graphics, running Xp (xplited & nlited)

    All I want to do is run RR and play music with Visualizations.


    1) RR too slow (wait 3 seconds after button press or freezes)
    2) Visualization skips and freezes when running, which means I get a skippy visualization and can't stop it or change tracks.

    What are my solutions? please help

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    Better, faster hardware, especially for Milkdrop.
    Have you even looked at the required specs for Milkdrop?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Originally posted by DarquePervert View Post
      Better, faster hardware, especially for Milkdrop.
      Have you even looked at the required specs for Milkdrop?
      Yes I'v read the specs for Milkdrop. But only after I acquired this

      I'm considering buying a cheap ebay 1ghz motherboard,

      Would somthing like the Epia TC10000 mini itx motherboard be enough??

      Is there really othing else I can do with the current hardware?

      Would really appreciate the help before I waste more money


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        At least bump yourself to an atom dualcore. You would be just as disappointed with that new board you picked out as a replacement. Zotac make a dualcore atom with hd capable graphics on board. I use the intel D945GCLF2 and have no problems with video or multitasking. I have found with the intel board just make sure you buy 533mhz ram for optimum problem free use. just my 2 cents SNO


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          So I guess I'll have to buy a new motherboard then

          I mean all I wanted was music and visualisations!

          Can you guys help me with buying advice then? my budget is 60 and I live in the UK, already have M1-ATX psu

          1) D945GCLF2D 59.84
          2) D510MO 57.39

          Which other board are potentially better within budget



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            either one will do the d945gclf2d has video out as well for back seat monitor output. the d510mo is of the newer breed of atom cpu both dualcore SNO


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              Go with either one of those MB. You will be happy....


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                Looks like you are definitely due for an upgrade, the zotac boards are really nice, there are quite a few others out there that can more than handle what you want at a minimal expense and since you already have the groundwork with the VIA board, shouldnt be too much of a hassle as well, good luck!!!
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