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  • RR help RR reminder screen

    Everytime I launch the RR reminder to update the RR. Is there anyway to make this go away? It is a little annoying. Also am checking it out on a laptop. How can i get it to g to full screen? How can I get the pictures from folder/ john/my pictures to show? Also I have windows media player, do I need winamp install also? Or just pointed to the windows media player folder?


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    lots of stuff going on here... hopefully others will help

    for starters, have your PC's date correct, and use the newest RR
    (after a bit, you can register too)

    no you DONT need winamp, it can be configured to use WMP
    a setting, in RRConfig

    you can also set your pictures path, in RRCONFIG

    full screen its depending on the resolution of the skin and its settings, and then of course your display resolution... with no real information provided...

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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