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roadrunner iguiadance gps help

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  • roadrunner iguiadance gps help

    i just installed roadrunner and was having problems with the gps program.i tried to set it up for iguidance v4 but it pops up this error:

    road runner screen loading error! while loading, not found.any idea how to fix this?thanks

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    Welcome to the forums!

    What skin are you using with Road Runner? Giving some more details will help to figure it out.

    In the mean time, make sure to open the RRConfig utility and select the skin you are using, and set iGuidance as the GPS software you want to use.

    You can also view the sticky at the top of the RR forums on how to embed any GPS program.
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      iam using the latest version of roadrunner and the stock skin for it.


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        i found another topic regarding the iguidance skin.

        i did the external and ig native but it still opens it up all the way and not windowed.if i do the other option,menu i think its called,then it crashes with the "error! while loading"

        can i download the certain skin anywhere?