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low volume when using Venice7 (master) radio module.. Solved

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  • low volume when using Venice7 (master) radio module.. Solved

    I just received my ultimate dab/fm radio module based on the venice7(master) radio module. I installed the unit and set the radio module type and com port using RR config. The output of the radio module in connected to the line input of the pc. So far so good.
    I use the default skin that comes with RR for testing.
    The player used is the latest version of winamp and when i play music through RR everything is great. The problem comes when I switch to Radio. The radio is controlled OK with the skin commands but I have very low volume output. The radio is barely audible.

    The pc is new and the os is windows7 ultimate.

    Does anyone use this radio module with RR and how have you configured it to work properly ?

    OK, I fixed this issue by using tool taken from the manufacturers forum. The volume of the device was turned down to 0% and that's why the sound was so low.
    The road is long but we are getting there.