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Some Words For All RR Users.

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  • Some Words For All RR Users.

    first of all, i would like to say !!thank you!! guino, without you all skin's, all PI's, all script's would be pointless, thank you guino.

    i've been on this forums for quite some time, i've seen people come and go, good people, like Dinasty, LS, thunderstick, people who have taken RR to the level we all enjoy now, from killer skins to PI's that make RR do what most car makers haven't done yet.
    we still have awesome coders and skinners like carputer1, valheru, MGD, enforcer, dartman, suavecito, jebus, Blue, mitch, sonic, pierrot, and more.
    i always tried to help, and share all my work with the community, 0 charge, with no PayPal logo in any of my threads, is really sad how RR is becoming less and less a community project, i've seen skins sooo nice staying on the WIP state, how people dont even bother saying, hey nice work, keep it up, or downloading will report later on, like the old days.
    and yes you all know what i think about DFX, dont get me wrong, his creator says, "Countless Hours" yes i agree, we all coders and skinners do that, but no else that i know is using others work and force people to pay, and if someone is using code, graphics, scripts or work from another person without permission, i think is wrong to make money from it. most of us are adults, who have a job, and use our free time to code or make skins, this is a hobby not a job, if is a job, well, do all yourself, not just a single graphic skin, but from the main front end to all PI's script and whatever is included, think about it like this, if you try to make people give you money for a simple skin, that has ideas, or work from a lot of people, i would say most if it, how come when the main program had a nagscreen people were complaining about it, like little kids, AND guino was not asking for money, why a simple skin does? anyways, my apologies if i have offend someone.

    im not going to be on the forums like before, i need to take care of some health issues. i wish you all the best, and hopefully when i comeback RR will be like the old days. so many skins to chose from, people sharing just for the fun of it, and nothing more.

    and by the way MANY MANY THANKS to RR TEAM for including my BASS Player PI on RRConfig. i spent a lot of time creating it, like a year or so. anyways....

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    RRec ==> [Audio Capture]

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    get well...

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

    Sun, Come shine my way
    May healing waters bury all my pain
    Wind, Carry me home
    The fabric of reality is tearing apart
    The piece of me that died
    Will return To live again


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      Nicely put!
      All your past, present, and possibly future work/designs are very much appreciated.
      Wish you the best, and a speedy recovery


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        ElCamino, yes you have certainly made your views well known... on a few occasions

        All that needs to be put aside when health issues are at stake. I do not know what the health issues are, so all I can say is, Merry Christmas, I wish the best for you, and hope for a speedy recovery.
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          I've been around with only a short time, but long enough that I know who has done something and who just hangs here. I've also noticed a nice spirit that exists here and I hope that it will continue in the future, so what you said El Camino, it is so true and well said.

          I hope you get better soon and come back to amaze us with new inventions. Merry Christmas and a even better new year.



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            well for me

            i'm loosing a very good friend , we have worked along side each other for so long now ,
            i'm going to miss , you saying NOOOOOOO everytime i come up with a idea or a bug ,
            but even when you say NO , you still managed to pull it out the bag for me ,,,,

            I have already said my thoughts and bye's on IM,,,

            i have now run out of words ,,,, just be safe , get well , and hope things turn around for you ,

            Thank you Julian
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              warm regards and hopes that you will get well soon...


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                I agree with you.

                I have the same "romantic" view as you have but it seems that this is how the world is going by these days... (or maybe since ever).

                The most important thing now is that you get well soon!
                We all need the help from people like you, not for the technical matters but for keeping us on the right path!

                Happy Holidays to you and to all!
                Hope to see you soon here and to know that you are doing well!
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                  Merry Christmas El Camino and get well soon.
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                    Happy holidays


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                      Hope all is better soon El Camino.
                      Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


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                        Te deseo lo mejor para ti y para tu familia y que Dios los bendinga y los llene de paz en esta Navidad. Le ruego a Dios por que los problemas de salud se solucionen lo antes posible y que puedas regresar muy pronto a esta tu casa.
                        Gracias querido amigo por todo el trabajo y esfuerzo que has hecho aqui y que nunca dejaste de compartirlo con todos nosotros.

                        Mike K.


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                          I know what you mean, but it's not just on RR it seems to be a trend on carpc forums, were people want to make major $$$ when they forget how the core was formed.


                          Take it easy and relax

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                            I don't know of any devs that are getting all those "major $$$"
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                              Originally posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
                              I don't know of any devs that are getting all those "major $$$"
                              lol i was getting ready to say the same thing. Nobody here's putting me through college that's for darn sure
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