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Problems waking from sleep with GPS

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  • Problems waking from sleep with GPS

    I'm using Ride Runner on my PC and have it automatically going to sleep when I turn ignition off and waking when I turn ignition on.
    Been working great for ages but I've just installed a usb GPS receiver and it now locks up when tring to wake from sleep mode. If I unplug the GPS receiver all is ok again. But obviously I don't want have to keep unplugging it when not in use.
    Don't even know where to begin to look to resolve the prob, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated


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    1st is some other application using the GPS? other than RR, ie some navigiation sw
    if so.. try sleep just with that application...

    also.. make sure not plugged into a hub.. allows for quicker resume(but not by that much)

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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      Thanks for advice Mitch, sorted it I had to upgrade the USB-to-Serial Comm Port Driver