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Song highlight bar is solid black

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  • Song highlight bar is solid black

    This is probably an easy fix, but I've tried searching and it seems nobody else has had this problem...

    Using the carwings skin, the song highlighted in my playlist is solid black - as in black text on a black background.... making it unreadable. How do I change this?

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    I had this happen on my car PC when I was having problems with my video drivers and dual monitors. Not much help, huh?


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      Sounds like you may have disabled use of DX/DirectX (RRConfig) or you may have a problem with your video drivers (i.e. using only the SVGA diver instead of the one from manufacturer). Check RRConfig and run DXDiag and verify directx is installed and working, then try again. The Carwings skin should show a transparent background and transparent selection bar.
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