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WINAMP AVS visu under album art and playlist?

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  • WINAMP AVS visu under album art and playlist?

    Anybody figure out how to run visualizations behind album art and playlists? I'm not happy with the transparent effect.

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    You want the AVS as the background of the playlist or album art ? you may be able to do that on the playlist using a custom overlay color for AVS, then setting it to be on the desktop background then edit the playlist to use the same custom background color -- the overlay should take care of the rest. I have never tried it but chances are it would work. The problem is that you would see only a section of the AVS (Where the color matches) and any other section of the skin with the same color would also show the sections of AVS.Transparency is definitely cleaner.
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      Thanks for the suggestion Guino. I missed this reply.

      I decided to go with small avs window at 99% and overlay it with a button. Poke the little visualization it goes full screen (with a banner across the top). Poke the big screen returns to audio player skin.