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  • Anyone tried these?

    This is a Metra ASWC. I was thinking I could use it to connect my steering wheel controls but after reading the manual im having my doubts. Any ideas on how I could incorporate this into my build?

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    Are you looking to use your steering wheel controls to control your head unit, or are you trying to send commands to the CarPC via the steering wheel controls? I ask, as that is designed to interpret controls from the steering wheel to different manufacturer's head units.

    If you want to control the CarPC with the steering wheel buttons, check out the RcJoyCon. In the video on that page, they show it controlling WInamp. I use one, and have set up hotkeys with it, and then you just define the hot keys in RR's KeyTbl.ini
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      I'm looking to send commands to my carPC. I'm just hesitant because I'm not sure if I am capable of hooking it up. I seen the video and had the JoyCon listed in my budget though. How does the JoyCon hook up? Does it go into pins of the head units plug?


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        the joycon requires that your radio has a 2-wire input, and the steering wheel buttons are resistive-- ie: each button has a different resistance. if your car uses the can bus, or other data network for the controls, it would require you to hack the buttons, and add the resistance values..
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