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  • Some trouble installing

    Been working with RiderRunner after I ran into some roadblocks with Centrafuse doing what I wanted. Now I am having some serious problems with Riderunner.

    I want my frontend to:
    * Take phone calls from my iPhone
    * Find the music (podcasts and audiobooks) from my iPhone
    * Find the music on my iPod (I think I may have got this happening through winamp)
    * Operate as a GPS navigation unit for Australia

    I've installed
    .net 4 for windows
    Winamp (latest version)

    mobilephone.Net (which is my first problem)

    I don't get how to make this plugin work and it has stopped Riderunner from working, can I just delete it and start again?

    Are there some guides or instructions for making these things happen, because I've gone through the FAQ section and couldn't find much that was helpful (some screenshots of the latest version would be particularly helpful) and the documentation that came with Riderunner is pretty much incomprehensible to me.

    Any help on this project appreciated.

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    depending on you OS, you might need more than .net 4, not that i know anything for rr is in .net 4 yet
    as for getting to work, best post that in the plugin forums
    i would uninstall it, and get RideRunner working..
    also there is no native iphone support in RR, so music directly from iphone prob not possible
    ipod, it has to support disk mode

    there is a bit to set up with riderunner, but get it going with the carwings dynamic skin, till you ready to chose a skin, like dfx5
    which has a learning curve in itself
    carwings, is simpler, you can press and hold on the main menu items to configure them

    i think alot of people want thier frontend to do what you ask, i just dont know if we there yet

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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      One note to add is if you only installed .net4 without any of the previous versions then your gonna have trouble, as I thought to keep a clean install just install the lastest and all would be good, and that proved me wrong. I wouldn't bother with net4 in a carpc yet as there is nothing that stickly requires it. Stick to the 2/3.5 versions for now
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