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  • What Navigation application should I use

    Hey guys,

    i am currently looking for a good navigation software, with maps for western europe especially germany.

    I went through the list in the opening post, but i could not decide on one.. either the maps are outdated/not covering germany or the program is just not right for my purpose(MS stuff)

    the Garmin looks ok, but i did a little reading and it seems the sw works only with the bundled garmin gps modules? I already have a gps mouse and donīt want to buy another..

    so question, wich is program is best for me and/or does the garmin mobile sw work with 3rd party gps gadgets?


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    I have the same problem, can some one help?
    what are you using and is it good?


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      I think that Sygic FLEET would be a good option !!!


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        I use Garmin with a GPS mouse and it works very well, however I use the version .60 and I have not tried it with version .70.

        there is navigator 10 that is free, which is not too bad with which you will find a card without problem for europe or germany.


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          so i thnk i am going to use sygic fleet to but where can i find it? (a)

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          i only can see the mobile version. so what do i need? (with speedcams please)


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            I've used Sygic Drive, Fleet and Garmin.

            Garmin is okay, but personally I don't like it. No particular reason, perhaps I've used Sygic too long heh.

            Fleet's menu is little better than Drive's. But what i've used Fleet few weeks, I noticed that 3D drive view is jerky. Map jumps forward and back when it correct position or something.
            Sometimes Fleet doesn't know direction when I start it, arrow goes sideways or backwards.

            Drive is my favourite. Everything works fine, drive view is smoother than Fleet's.

            Currently I have all three installed, so I can use what I want and what feels good.


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              Thanks for this feed back Dartman_71


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                Thank you this was very helpfull
                Zo Drive is older but better than fleet?

                And can i get the newest maps voor drive? or can i only use old maps?


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                  Originally posted by Rene88 View Post
                  Thank you this was very helpfull
                  Zo Drive is older but better than fleet?

                  And can i get the newest maps voor drive? or can i only use old maps?
                  I can't say which one is better, try em both and judge your self.

                  You can use newest maps in both Drive and Fleet, there's differences in mlm files but I belive you can find answers for those. Map activations is little tricky so read carefully.


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                    With fleet , several option exist that don't exist on drive !
                    A connection internet is possible !
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                      I have just found this new Google Search option !
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                        Nice i have fleet working now
                        But where can i get and then put the speedcams? (a)

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                        An i cant find those opstion in my fleet...


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                          you need a .upi files that you put on your folder country:
                          for spanish, put the .upi files into the esp folder.
                          for uk, put the .upi files into the gbr folder.

                          If you have not .upi file , look for on google 'ov2upi translator'


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                            i have a Cam bestand. gedowload van sygic website..
                            where can i get the ather files?

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                            i have fund it thank you!
                            No to let it start op in RR with skin. have al right in RRconfig but with DFX skin cant see where to open it.


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                              Read the DFX help file in the DFX skin folder, it will tell you how to change the GPS button to open sygig fleet and embed it in the skin.