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  • Wow, I'm impressed

    It has been a few years since I last really tried RR. Back then I didn't really like it. I found it buggy, poor skins and it didn't really do very much.

    After sitting on the fence about CF, I thought I'd give RR another try. Downloaded the eLite skin and got to work.

    It didn't take long to set up, the RR Config is better and it now supports WMP instead of requiring Winamp.

    I liked CF because it was a more professional product with decent skins. It did what I wanted, played music, had a Sirius plugin and sort of integrated IG.

    I did however find the music player lacking and I wasn't too keen on buying CF when the support for it seemed spotty at best.

    I like RR's ability to add music folders to playlists on the fly (this will be nice since I won't store my music on the Carputer), the Sirius plug-in looks nice and the integration of IG looks pretty slick.

    Overall RR seems to have come a long way and looks great now!

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    Couldn't agree more. I'm about to jump ship too.
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      Welcome to the club, sebberry. I switched to RR about six years ago and have never looked back. Be sure to check out the DFX5 skin by JohnWPB with able assistance by BlueZX3. You'll be amazed at what it can do. Also check out the RRVoice plugin by Jebus. That takes carputing to a whole new level.