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    Hi All,

    I was wondering if its possible to integrate or embed CoPilot v8 into RR? I have searched and there are some posts from 2006 that says its not possible, so I just wondered if anything has changed in the last few years? Ive been having issues finding a sat nav program that is fully featured in the UK, and CoPilot seems to tick all the boxes, except for the integration piece. Any advice or alternate suggestions gratefully received!

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    Use the RR FAQ is a good thing :-)

    How to embed any gps program into road runner


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      hi , i'm uk based , i have been useing sygic (Mainly) igo8, and garmin,,, all have their own issues , but all do embed,,,RR only supports iguidence out of the box,,, for the rest of the sat nav app's its just normal embedment,,, you will find app's that don't play nicly,,, these sometimes can be helped with a bit of codeing by useing skinbedder or AI ,,,, the most common for us here i think is the 3 i mentioned...
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