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RRConfig MJS Gadgets and Sirius setup?

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  • RRConfig MJS Gadgets and Sirius setup?

    Is there a sticky somewhere that shows the proper settings in RRConfig for the MJS Gadgets adapter for the Sirius SC-C1?

    There are two com ports created and mine comes up on COM6.
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    Not that i'm aware of, but setup is quite easy. Open device manager and find the correct comm port for the MS Gadget SCC1 (mine was COM6). Open RRConfig and navigate to Radio options. Expand the Sirius options. There should be a textbox labeled "SIRIUS PORT:". Enter your com port number in this box. The other options are at your discretion. Recommend downloading the LineIn plugin for Winamp and using the linein option under SIRIUS.



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      I managed to get the linein:// deal working today with the Sirius receiver. In case anyone else stumbles over this, the MJS box labels all the ports except the audio out port. I thought the jack was a power port because it is right next to the +/- 12v green connector. The mini CD does not insert into the slot drive I have in my CarPC so I had to take it to another pc to get the files off it for testing.

      Regardless, once all the kinks were worked out and I stumbled through rrconfig, it all works.

      Thanks Mitch.
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