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  • Biometric ID for Front End Project

    Hi everyone,

    I have decided to post up a quick thread on my project to implement Fingerprint Recognition to lock/unlock RR as well as (hopefully) immobilize the vehicle until ID-ed.

    I purchased a cheap APC BIOPOD finger print scanner (around $10 delivered on ebay I think). It came with Omnipass software to manage the fingerprints and password. Thinking I was smarter than everyone else, I decided to download the latest version of Omnipass, but unfortunately I ran into various issues, so reverted to the old version supplied by the seller.

    After seting up the software I tried to teach it how to "logon" to Unfortunately, Omnipass only recognize genuine login dialogue windows, so no luck with the skin.

    I then decided that if Omnipass could not log me in the RR skin, I would have to create my own app to log in and embed it in RR. Which I did. I also decided that instead of creating my own .skin to embed the app in I may as well use the existing so I get double security.... biometric then manual password.

    So I made a little vb6 app that is basically a loggin screen with everything hidden and that cannot be closed or moved. I then added an application window that covers the full (on top of the actual skin). and modify the exectbl.ini to start my app when loading

    Now what happens is when the computer resumes from standby or is locked, my app is in front of everything and triggers the Omnipass fingerprint scanning. If the fingerprint is accepted, a short video "pretends" to be scanning the print and then finds a match. at the end of the video, the app closes and you are left with the standard to enter the password and use the computer again. If the fingerprint is not accepted, a short video "pretends" to be scaning the print and does not find a match. at the end of the video, the app reloads itself... back to square one.

    I have added a couple of video to make it more fun and a "surprise" for people who try to start the car.

    The surprise is just a button that covers the entire screen with a picture of a finger print asking to identify yourself, so if people don't know, or don't think too much, try to put their finger on the screen itself (I know I would lol), it triggers the video "no match"...

    So overall, it works perfectly.
    Next things to do are:
    -make the password and location of the programs and videos adjustable by users (right now they are hard coded)
    -make the vb6 app trigger some sort of relay to open the ignition circuit so the user cannot start the car until logged in then trigger the relay again to "close" the ignition circuit so the user can start the car once logged in. I guess I will need something like the Fusion Brain to be able to do this, or is there any other way?

    the 2 videos I used:
    - no match:
    - match:
    - the blue picture I used as background:

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    bebetaz, This is way cool! Excellent job! I like to add something like this to my install if possible. Maybe this can be made into a future RR plug-in some how?


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      Hi RAWPWR,

      Thanks, I think it's pretty cool too, but in terms of plugin, I have a limited (to say the least) knowledge of vb6 and even less of programming in general, I can try to make it a plugin, but first I'll have to understand how to do that. On the other hand if anyone with a lot more knowledge than me (easy achieved...) want the source code to make it a plugin, be my guest.



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        I just had a look at the RRExtension Plugin Examples in VB6... I am way out of my comfort zone there, this is almost Chinese for me, sorry I don't think I'll be able to make this a plug in