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RR Fullscreen Issue?

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  • RR Fullscreen Issue?

    I'm using Windows XP and when RR starts up it will not show full screen, I see about a quarter of my XP background and the windows toolbar. Any ideas on this one? Im using the Elite skin. Elite Lite 1.6.6

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    I do not have an issue on Windows Desktop, and i do not have an issue on CarWings skin, its perfect. Im running 800x600 resolution. At 32 Bit.


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      @nicel, I used to have this issue, Elite started in a 800 X 400 which was why i didn't use it at first, it has since been stretched. And I'm currently waiting for the next release 1.95, but make sure your using the right resolution of the skin, as stated on the elite lite 1.6.6 first post

      --------------FULL RELEASES--------------

      FILE SIZE: 5.2 MEGS
      FILE NAME: elite lite 1.6.6 .exe
      RELEASE VERSION: 1.6.6
      RELEASED DATE: 10-02-2009
      RESOLUTIONS: 800x480 and 800x600(stretched)


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        Hey I'm new to RR and I had the same problem. For me I have a 9" 16:9 screen but when I pick 800x480 res on the videocard driver, the screen was off so the only res that worked was 800x600, which actually fits nicely on the widescreen in some weird way.
        Anyways, I've installed the Elite 800x480 and I got the same problem as you, the screen did not fill the entire screen. So what I did was re-installed ELite in 800x600. Now it fits the screen nicely and it doesn't look weird or anything...


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          Depending on some of the buttons and labels in the skin, to fix this issue for the most part, go to the skin folder and open up the general.ini. In there you will file the settings that tell RR what to scale the skin to. ONLY touch the ShowHieght and ShowWidth ones, keep the Originalxx ones as they are.
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