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    I was running a older version of RR and DFX and all of a sudden I started having problems loading my music files. I always clicked manage playlist , then select album, ok to that point then I would load playlist and see the songs in the album. So I reloaded the latest version of RR and DFX and same thing. I have rescanned DB and installed new version of Winamp. But... the problem started before I reloaded everything. It was working great then something happened. Any ideas?

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    THIS mighty be a skin related issue

    test with carwings, in the newest cawings there is a playlist browser too, or you can browse them in the normal paths

    also audio files type has to have for example .m3u
    i use:

    oh with dfx5, there is two ways to browse, via db, and via file system, you set that by holding the browse button

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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