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  • all quiet here...

    sept must be getting the kids back to school...

    even i took a 2 week break from touching RR source
    we got some plans to finish up the RR Config II's SDK for plugins
    and get some samples out
    just got to get back to it...

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    Originally posted by mitchjs View Post
    All is quiet here, sept must be getting the kids back to school...
    I think if that were the case, then people have been getting the kids ready for back to school for the past 12 to 18 months
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      maybe there is not much to do, all is almost covered, and what is not done yet, is in the works. by the looks in some skins and PI threads
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        Quite is a good thing in 1 respect lol... NO Issues with what users have already ,,, and looking forward to whats comming.
        from rr and their fav skin or pi's.

        just shows , when you put hours and days or even years into a project , you are doing a good job keeping Riderunner alive for other users.
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          I thought it was just me

          I have been away from the forums probably close to a couple years except for the last few months and it seems like the forums turned into a ghost town. I thought a few years ago (maybe I don't remember too good if I posted something it would be down the list in hours and on the next page by the end of the day. Now it seems like it takes forever to have someone post new threads.
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