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  • Anyone bored today???

    I purchased a car in July that has RR system in it running on windows XP. I got the bright idea to update it and get DFX skin to run with RR. Well after several hours of uninstalling and installing I have it so it comes up. Looks great!!...The bad part Iguidance doesn't doesn't play. It had a problem shutting down but I read up on that and was able to replace those two lines of code amazingly!!! I do not know a lot about computers... I tried opening RR Config but I get a bunch of errors so I decided to use the one that a member created on here but it is telling me that a file is missing and so features may not work. The place where you put the path to iguidance doesn't work.

    So was wondering if someone wanted to help?????

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    Fixed!!! Thanks to JohnWPB!!


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      FYI..It help other users if you also post detail as to what fixed the problem.
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        I remote desktop'd into his CarPC. He has RR installed on Win XP. The RideRunner installer has no logic built in, and it defaulted to profile mode on XP. Normally not a problem on a fresh install, but this was a RIDE runner on top of an older ROAD Runner install and the skin was in one place, and everything else was in another.
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          wow, you guys offer remote access tech support now?

          i've got this problem where rr won't load playlists, and won't update the current song................(i haven't troubleshot it yet i think i corrupted some files after a couple if unintentional hard shutdowns )
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            you know my response, test with carwings!

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              I forgot when was the last time I log in to this forum.
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