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How to turn off an image?

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  • How to turn off an image?

    I am drawing (no pun intended) a complete blank. Must be turning 70.

    I have a skin with an IMG area.

    Is there or what is a way to turn the image on and off?


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    I swear their used to be a SETIMAGE;NAME;STATE but i'm a little rusty with my RR stuff. I certainly dont see the command in the docs now. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      The easiest way is to define an indicator using a variable with the file to display in the area - when you want it on you set the variable, when you want it off you clear it (or show a disable/off screen if you want).

      You can LOAD images into layers via commands, so you should be able to load an image on the area you want that is exactly the same as the "off" background on that area (giving the impression you turned it "OFF") but really is just loading another image on top of it - see LOADIMG/LOADIMAGE for that.
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