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Ascend 2 Android Bluetooth & .NET Mobilephone

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  • Ascend 2 Android Bluetooth & .NET Mobilephone

    So running Windows 7 I managed to get .NET Bluetooth installed after installing VC++ 2008, and registering the .dll manually, then copying the .ini to my user profile. Then opening RR in Wings once to register all the .dll's.

    Now I face a new issue. I can get the phone to connect to BlueSoleil, but the android device states "paired but not connected".

    I know that VZW phone had this issue for awhile. When I search for services available from the phone I only see Object Push. What service do I need in order to use this phone with .NET Mobilephone?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the device to connect to where I can use it in RR?

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    i have the same issue with htc hd2 and android 2.3. mostly it is just paired, but when rebooting several times and switching on bluetooth after carpc startet, it works sometimes. this is not satisfiying


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      Can u tell me how can u install on Win 7! I tried many times, even when I installed VC++ 2008, 2005, 2010, it still does not detect the Vc++ in my pc! Another PC running XP work without any problem! I am nearly given up!!!

      I am here:,105.858856


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        Download .NET Mobilephone

        Begin to install, it will fail.

        It will place a MobilePhone.dll in c:\program files(x86)\RideRunner\Plugins

        Go to c:\program files (x86)\Riderunner and give yourself full permissions for this directory by right clicking and selecting the security tab, next edit the permissions and add your local account and give it full control.

        Install VC++ v2.0.50727 Redist from MS (2008 and above should work)

        Open cmd as administrator by searching for it from the index search, and right-click run as admin

        cd to c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727

        run the command Regasm "c:\program files(x86)\RideRunner\Plugins\MobilePhone.NET\Mobi lePhone.dll" /tlb:MobilePhone.tlb /codebase

        it will warn you then tell you it successfully registered.

        Right click mobilephone.ini and edit it to how you want it.

        Take the mobilephone.ini if you are in profile mode (most people are I believe) and copy it to your local machine profile in the RideRunner Plugin folder. (Usually c:\users\%username%)

        I ran the installer as admin and it still would not find the VC++ so I just clicked around it and it installed fine. It just is not seeing the VC. You will get a bunch of pop-ups about installing only the skin.

        run carwings once as the skin so all the .dll';s register properly.

        Now config RR to use whatever skin again.

        The plug-in should register now.

        (Any follow up questions just ask I don't care if you hijack the thread maybe it will bring help to my question)

        Im just stuck where I cant get my phone to connect to the damn PC any suggestions?????
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          the plugin uses the desktop profile to connect. this may be the problem with android but I dont know for sure.


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            Originally posted by lambosprit View Post
            the plugin uses the desktop profile to connect. this may be the problem with android but I dont know for sure.
            i don't think that this is the point. the problem is not the plugin, it's the connection between android devices and bluesoleil! once the connection exists (not often here), the plugin works too for me.


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              I wonder if its the version of BS I have and the support for the phone? The phone does the same thing with my Bluetooth OBDII. Then when I open a program that actually uses it, the phone connects all the way (like torque). I'll try to research and see if I can find some more options out there and report back if I find anything.