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LIST Command: Riderunner or skin command?

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  • LIST Command: Riderunner or skin command?

    Im still using the LSX Void Skin (yes I know its old, but i like it the best) and ever since an RR update a few months ago I can't access the music library right from XM.

    There's a button called 'library' that opens up a skin page called, which basically shows all my music mp3s.

    If im debugging and press the 'Library' button I get:


    Command Not Executed: LIST

    Here's the thing though, if I press the AUDIO button (issues the AUDIO command), then Library, it works. LIST command works.

    Any help? I know its an old skin out of support.
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    the list command takes in account the active source, in your case XM
    this is done, to allow list to do different things when audio or video or DVD is active...
    if XM is active, nothing happens...

    you could always "load;" youself...
    which i think is going to switch sources on you anyway...
    and im not sure if thats what you want

    to me, if im using XM, i dont want to do anything with music library...

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