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  • Screen very dim

    Hi all,
    Having a problem of late. My screen is very very dim. I think it's got to do with riderunners brightness control.
    I was running my pc at night and so had the screen dimmed with the brightness slider, the computer froze on me and when I switched it on the next day the brightness was the same as it was the night before.
    Even when RR isn't running, the screen is too dim to read in daylight. I tried resetting the brightness from windows, fiddling with the slider in RR, changing brightness in the .ini but all to no avail.

    My monitor itself was bought 2nd hand and the only button thaat ever worked was the left arrow which auto adjusts the monitor. When this is pressed, the screen tells me that it is auto adjusting and the brightness goes back to the way it sould be momentarily before returning to being dim again.
    I'm not too sure if this is a monitor problem that coincidentally happened when RR dimmed the sreen or the brightness in RR itself but either way I'd appreciate a little help.

    I'm running an intel D525 1.8ghz with onboard gfx, the latest RR, the latest DFX and Windows 7 x64 ultimate. My monitor is a Lilliput 619GL-70NP-70NP/C/T 7" VGA Touch Screen, unfortunately, it didn't come with a remote (if someone wants to donate one I won't complain ) so I can't access the menu with that.

    Thanks everyone!

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    See if you have a gamma setting in your video settings. I have had this long before, and the way to fix it was to go into the gamma setting and reset em back to the defaults. If none there, try looking in your RideRunner\Gamma folder, there should be two apps, fire up GammaControl (check tray, to open it) and try the reset in there.

    Hope that helps you fix your issue.
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      How cold does it get there ? I tend to think that the colder the weather some screens get more dimmed as well - haven't done many tests, but I notice at times (could be the type of backlight in some screens).
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        I Took the screen apart and discovered that the ribbon cable for the buttons was loose. Popped it back in and now both arrow buttons work, with the right hand one controlling the brightness!
        Thanks for the help guys!
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