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  • teach me about custom lists

    My main question is, is there a way to create a single custom list with multiple levels? For example when you are on one item of the list and use the BROWSE command it opens everything listed under that item?

    For now I have it so that when on one item a command is run to open another custom list, but it seems like the hard way.

    Also is there a way to add album, artist, genre to a custom list? If so I would assume the line begins with DBE however I don't know what the other parameters need to be.

    I looked through the documentation and did not find a whole lot about custom lists other than setting them up in the .skin file.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    The custom list is just that, a generic list that you can put anything you want in it. Before it was added, all the lists in RR were each tied to a specific feature and couldn't be re purposed for anything custom. And because its a custom list, means that you have to write all the code to do whatever is the list is supposed to do. Like in your example, when you have a item in your custom list that you would like to "browse" into, you would need your own browse cmd that would save out the current list to a temp location to be able to reload if/when you need to go back, then you create and load another list that would contain the contents of the item that was browsed into. RR doesn't know what you want it do with your list or its items, that's all up to you.

    Custom lists lines begin with either LST or IMG only, and the top line being the item you want selected when RR loads the CL with your text file.

    ** Also, please refrain from asking the same question in two different threads, it is highly frowned upon in this forum...
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      I apologize for asking the question about the DBE code twice. After I asked I thought there might be levels to a list as I saw something about left and right transitions for custom lists.

      Thank you for the information. I was wondering what the 0 was at the top of every custom list file.