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  • Windows 7 Problems?

    Hello all, Maybe someone can help me.

    I was using an older PC with an older version of RideRunner, it was running XP SP3, and I had almost no problems getting it set up and working properly.

    I've decided to upgrade, I bought a new motherboard, case, M2-ATX, 4GB Memory, 120GB Intel SSD, and Windows 7 64Bit SP1 operating system.

    I'm currently using an AC power supply in the house, it's cold outside!

    I installed all the latest Motherboard drivers and windows update stuff.

    I installed the latest Flash and Adobe Reader.

    I downloaded the latest RR from NISU, 2/5/12, followed the instructions(Winamp - latest version, GPSgate as Xport does not work on 64bit).

    I've stuck with Carwings until I get at least the basic stuff working.

    I did get my Streets & Trips 2007 to install and I can get it to embed.

    The "More" button works, and the "Dimmer" button works, "Pictures" button works.

    "Weather" loads the skin, but does not populate.

    "Exit" works, as long as the system is not locked up.

    1. How can I prevent the UAC Nag screen from asking me if it's OK to run RR every time? And how do I get RR to start on Boot-Up?

    2. When I press Music, the system locks up, I have to force it to close. I've set the music path and playlist path in RRConfig.

    I am not explicitly familiar with Win 7 yet, so that may be part of my problem.

    Anybody got any ideas/guides for setting up with Win7?



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    To disable UAC run msconfig, select the tools tab and select "change UAC settings"

    The weather plugin had some problems see the following post

    Have you ran winamp for the first time and selected the default configuration?


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      OK, to give an update, I've got audio now. I'm now using the DFX skin as well. I was researching into using the RRMediaDB. I could not find a button to rescan the DB in Carwings, so I switched to DFX. I scanned the database and now I have audio, and I've moved on to the next problem. I can't find my playlists. I had a problem with playlists before, on the XP machine. I found out from Mitch that RR requires an explicit path "D:\Music\"Folder"\"Filename". So back then I used Winamp to create playlists, then corrected them so that they are explicit, basically added the "D:" as winamp didn't add the d:, and there were some other misc stuff in the playlist once I opened it in notepad.

      D:\Music\"Folder"\Track 1
      D:\Music\"Folder"\Track 2

      That's the format that works on the XP machine. So on the Win 7 machine, I basically copied the folder that contained all my playlist files, in the same path as on the XP machine, and they dont show up, nothing shows up at all. Got any ideas on that one?

      Also, next thing I've noticed, is that on all screens, in DFX, across the top, I should be seeing Song, Artist, and Album. These are blank, except for on the current album I'm playing, after track 8, the song title shows up. Also in the Music screen, where you are supposed to see the Artist, Album, Song, Year, and Genre, it's blank. But I do see the song after track 9. Using the skintool I try to get the "Get Contents" on a label, and they are all blank.



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        Also I tried msconfig, and I've seen that before. Do I need to change that globally, for all programs, not just RR?


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          if you set the slider bar to "never notify" all prompts will go away.


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            I assume that it's a global setting. Is there not a way to do it for just one program? To do it globally is like using a sledge ona finish nail.


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              Not that I'm aware of, its off or varying levels of on.
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                OK, so it needs to be global then.

                Blue, thanks for responding, if you've read through the post here you'll see that I can't get my playlists to load. I've got the playlist path set, but I can't seem to see anything when I go Manage Playlist in DFX. Got any ideas?

                I've also found that I have a playlist loaded, I forget how. I might have loaded it directly through Winamp, But I see nothing in the Artist, Album, Song, Year, and Genre for the first track in the playlist, the rest of the tracks are OK.

                This is weird...


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                  By default the setting was on the third notch from the bottom. It appears that I need to set all the way to the bottom? Is this correct?


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                    Originally posted by jhornbr225 View Post
                    ... if you've read through the post here you'll see that I can't get my playlists to load. I've got the playlist path set, but I can't seem to see anything when I go Manage Playlist in DFX. Got any ideas?
                    In RRConfig in the Music\Playlists and Paths section make sure .m3u and .m3u8 are included under Audio File Types.


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                      OK, Thank you, that got my playlists to become visible.

                      I think that concludes my Win 7 supposed problems, now I suppose I'll move over to the DFX thread to maybe find the answers to the rest of my problems. Thanks to all who responded!


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                        For RR to start up on boot just create a shortcut to RR.exe and place it in your startup folder


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                          Got it, just like XP then.

                          I even unpacked my HD Radio tuner, installed it, and I have HDRadio now. Well, it did take a little fixing. There was an inline noise filter in the power lines, and what do you know, the wires were broken off inside the noise filter, so no power. Got out the soldering iron, desoldered the broken wires from the little board, stripped back the existing wires, and resoldered them into the board. Voila! HD Radio.