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Won't hibernate/shut down

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  • Won't hibernate/shut down

    I have my system (win 7 32 bit) set to hibernate on ignition off. Now this worked perfectly running CF, however RR seems to hang on shutdown. If I restart the car within a few minutes of turning it off I see the "this program is preventing windows from shutting down" message and if I come back after the machine has powered off I get the windows failed to shut down correctly message and the 30 second timer/menu.

    I have played with the registry in windows and increased the wait time for programs to close to the max, RR is set to hibernate aware through the configuration menu. What am I missing?

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    well.. lots of info missing

    but debug.txt is your friend

    and you might be the only one who can solve your own problem
    but ill help if i can

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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