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  • Just a heads up

    In RR version 3/8 and newer with (dynamic menu support)

    I changed the command "pluginmgr" to "RRPluginMgr"
    i really wanted it prefixed "RR"
    ( i know im a pita, but really all native RR commands should have been prefixed with RR, oh well )
    so, if anyone is using the old one in the skin, you can change it to the updated command, just add "RR" to it...
    thats for skins that even have a pluginmgr, which i hope most do...

    I hope everyone takes advantage of the new dynamic menus... really simplifies and removes a ton of code from exectlb.ini
    and no "ONSKINSTART" set up of the skin anymore...
    I should have done this long ago...

    also a new Skin object is in 3/16/2012 and newer, the "RG" region object, its a clickable-region, like a button, with no graphical element.
    you can use it anywhere even over APP windows
    so.. say you wanted a FULL SCREEN NAV, and you make a skin, 800 x 480, with a AX (or A) of say AX,0,0,800,480 (and maybe a clip C,0,0,800,480)
    you could put a RG,0,0,800,20 (now the top 20px are a region) that when is clicked runs a command ex RG,0,0,800,200,"ESC"

    RG,x,y,w,h,"CMD" is the object syntax

    here is the work so far this month:

    - = Removed
    + = Added
    * = Changed
    ! = Major code change
    # = Bug fix
    ^ = Note
    + Skin Object; "RG" Clickable Region - RG,x,y,w,h,"CODE"
      This is clickable anywhere at anytime(as long as rr is visable), even on top of application windows
      ex:  RG,0,0,800,20,"ESC"   creates a clickable region 800px wide x 20px high at 0,0
                                 when clicked command "ESC" is run
    + Skin Event; "ONRGNPRESS" event for "RG" clickable region command.
    # fixed iPOD database read, caused RR to freeze
    # FMPresets folder failed to create on 1st time use
    + Dynamic Menus: (see New Dynamic Menus.txt)
        Skin Command:   "RRMenuItem;x;[set]"
        Skin Label:     "RRMenuItem;x"
        Skin Indicator: "RRMenuItem;x"
        Skin Command:   "RRMenuItemSave;key;(menuitem)"
        Skin Indicator: "RRMenuItemSelIcon" shows icon(if any) of selected item in the MenuItemSet.Skin List
        User Variable:  "RRMenuItemKey"
        Skin Command:   "RRMenuNext" goes to next (looping)
        Skin Command:   "RRMenuPrev" goes to previous (looping)
    + Skin Indicator; "RRMediaInserted" is true when a disc is inserted into the media drive 
      (must have some filesystem on it \ volume name)
    * Skin Command; "plginmgr" now "RRPluginMgr" (alias of "Load;")
    + Skin Command; "CLPOS" sets selection position (1 - number of items)
    + Skin Command; "ListPos" sets selection position of current selected list (1 - number of items)
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