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Radio stops when enter to another plugin

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  • Radio stops when enter to another plugin

    Hey friends, I need guru help in Radio skin. I was so stupid when bought a carpc in China. It's normal 2-Din machine besed on 2core Atom, and having RR, modified by Chinese frineds. The motherboard has integrated radio and bluetooth which cannot be seeing as devices in Windows. Nobody knows how they connected. So only native dll connect them in some hidden ways.

    Problem is when I leave Radio skin for the main menu (staying in main menu I can listen radio) and next I click to any button the radio stops. So when I call GPS or another application I cannot listen to radio in background.

    I have read RR command list and did not find any option to keep application alive when exit from its skin. Is it common problem or only mine? Is there any secret option in commands to keep alive radio ?

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    i dont know where to begin on this post

    if you want to re-ask, feel free.. but provide some real information that is relevant to help solve your problem
    i assume rr isnt controlling that radio...
    but you mention radio skin... so... what that says is rr is controlling something
    so.. you need to think what makes that radio play or not play... maybe mixer lines...

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      specifically state what plugin or screens you're attempting to go to FROM the radio screen and that might help troubleshoot as well. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        bought a carpc in China

        and having RR, modified by Chinese frineds
        I'm not exactly sure how one is to take those statements together... Maybe I am just taking it too literal?
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          Solved ! I just used command EXTERNAL instead of GPS.

          Solved! I just took command EXTERNAL instead of GPS for the button. The EXTERNAL command calls ext gps application described in the rr.ini and never close Radio or media playout. Now I can hear radio/music in GPS.

          by the way this chinese engineers from ZBJ sent radio output thru directshow to audiocard. Winamp mixer was not used. No any driver, no comport,no usb. Radiator did no find it.