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how to control RR with out a touchscreen?

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  • how to control RR with out a touchscreen?

    So My new carpc project has to be built without the use of a touchscreen due to the screen being to far away. How can I controll RR with out it? I was thinking about using a "bmw I-Drive" style controller. For starters I tried using the directional arrows on my keyboard but RR isnt responding. What do I have to do to have RR work with out a touchscreen?

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    You could use a 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse, do a search here as there is a discussion with driver examples and ideas on how to interface it with rr
    you could also use a wireless or bluetooth mini touch pad.
    Ive also seen pp on here use xbox type controllers and even joysticks...Im sure there are other ways as well,If you are techie minded you can try this
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      Thank you for your responce. I was kind of hoping for an up, down, left, right, enter thing like some factory navi systems. I think a touchpad would be to involving when im driving.


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        This is what I use to navigate around RR when not using my touchscreen.

        Works pretty well for my setup.

        Good luck.


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          ..or this
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            I also use the GPM for just my vol/mute control,...I only nav/voice with the RM-X11M/Joycon ex.