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Problem with music duration bar and label

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  • Problem with music duration bar and label

    Hi all, finally a week ago i finished my carpc building (need to mount) and was setting up everithing (windows, frontend and settings)
    I've installed on my carpc winxp sp3 and added net framework 2 to 4 and the varius hotfix + vc 2008 redistribute
    Near everything works i have only a problem with the music and video part, the duration bar and the label of the current time is like crazy; when music or video is played the bar goes full (if the bar has total time white, and current time iblue, the bar when video/music starts become instantly full blue like if the video is ended)
    and the label of the current time go up about 30/40 minutes per seconds (random number), so if REAL current time is like 10 seconds i see on the label 1hour 40minutes 00 seconds passed)
    What this can be?
    With any player i have the problem, i'm using for music winamp pro latest and for video mpc-hc (but tested with others and still have the same problem)

    But if i run the player standalone (without ride runner) then the bar and time are correct

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    no one know what it could be?
    i'm really the only one having this?


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      i would have to beable to reprouce, you dont provide enough information
      i assue you testing with carwings? and winamp as player

      winamp calcutates the total time of the song, then we get it to constuct the bar

      "Did you test it in carwings??"

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        these two pics are from the first seconds of a movie (should be like 0 hours 0 mins 5 or more seconds)
        Click image for larger version

Name:	fbeqlz.jpg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	20z42ky.jpg
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        here is near the end of the movie, as you can read 1788 hours :|
        Click image for larger version

Name:	2vjv32o.jpg
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        i'm imediately going to try carwings, but on my laptop the skin works
        IMPORTANT: got the problem only on current time of video, i was player works great
        thanks for the reply

        update: i've try carwings but it has no bar lol

        up2: fixed, i've reinstalled windows and changed version of mpc-hc
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