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  • Auto-Hide a custom skin

    Actually i'm working on the TV section, i'm using the plugin for control DVBviewer.
    All seems to work perfectly, i've only one problem with skinning..i would make the DVB skin the same as Video Player skin; so is possible to make a custom skin to auto-hide like video player skin? and if is possible how to set it? Thanks

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    i've found a way searching all over the forum, is possible using 2 skins, with buttons and fullscreen; The skin with buttons have a timer that at the end will load the fullscreen skin while this last one will have an invisible tutton big as the fullscreen that when pressed will load the buttons skin. I'm going to test it, it's the only mothod i've found, could be possible in a next relase to set the proprety of a skin file? (for example if it auto-hide and the timer)


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      Check out Uconnect Touch and Reborn skins, both have DVB screen with full screen option but built little different way.


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        thanks much for the suggestion!
        i've check on "Uconnect Touch" the code and implemented it for embed the application with auto-hide, i will explain here if some one need it:
        - need to have 2 skin files, with dvb plugin i have "" and "" ( is the one with the commands while is fullscreen)
        - will have blackbackground (not trasparent), a button big as screen and the region for embed the application:
        RG,0,0,800,480,"DVB" (normal button will not work if there is an embed application in the area)
        - will have the IDL command (and all the buttons for control the application, in this case next/prev channel and so on), set the delay as the video player:
        IDL,4,"load;||RUN;;!TfrmMain!DVB Viewer"

        That's it, thanks again
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