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  • RRconfig display size

    ok, what am i missing, my RR displays fine on my screen, after i changed the display size to 16x9, and 800x480 it all fits on my screen, but when i load rrconfig, it still tries to show up as 800x600 and the bottom part of the program is displayed below my screen and i cannot get to it (below the windows task bar) what setting makes this show up so i can change settings without plugging my carputer into a regular monitor?

    thanks for all the help guys, sorry to keep asking newbie questions, i am so close to having this installed in my dash and off of the passenger seat!!!

    next project--- hacking up my bezel and installing my amp!!!!!!

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    RRConfig isn't really supposed to be used while running RR... It is setup to run at a minimum of 800x600. The general idea is that you would remote desktop or VNC into the carpc and do your configuration on a much higher resolution screen. If RRConfig had a smaller resolution, there'd be too much potential to try to use RRConfig while driving.... which isn't safe...



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      I can understand that. I guess I will just keep the monitor on an extention cord handy. I didn't want this pc on the internet or any wireless

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        You can switch resolution momentarily to use it, or configure RR manually in rr.ini - The older version of the config used to resize to screen but it was very hard to maintain and the few people who put in the effort to make a new version made the current application the way you see it now (so we can't complain about the application we got for granted).
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          thanks for the explanations, i just thought it might have been another setting i was overlooking. RR is the best front end i have tried, and i am sticking with it..