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rating on winamp with commandline

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  • rating on winamp with commandline

    Hi all, i've searched a long on the section but i haven't find a way to read the rating of a track from id3tag
    the only ways uses db and with huge ammount of tracks (60gb - 7000 tracks about) is a pain anytime to rebuild the database..
    luckly i'm using winamp and found a command-line tool called CLAmp, with this is possible to set and read the rating directly from the file (via winamp).
    Now i have no idea how to take the variable from the dos window and be able to use in ride runner, i was thinking to save it in a file and let ride runner to read it, it's possilbe? Or there is a direct way inside RR?
    (lol not a common problem and i think the first way to read the rating from id3tag on RR)

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    To set the rate, simply make buttons or clickable areas with the CODE like this:
    "RUNQ;CLAMP.EXE|/RATING=3" (replace the 3 with whatever rating for each button)

    Create a .bat file like rating.bat with this in it:
    @Echo off
    clamp.exe /rating > rate.txt
    set /p rating= < rate.txt
    c:\program files\ride runner\exec.exe setvar;winamprating;%rating%

    To read the code, add this to exectbl:

    On the skin use the label code: "=$winamprating$" or use byvar;winamprating;No Rating<<1 Star<<2 Star .. etc to display the current rating, or create some indicators that display the images based on the value of the variable $winamprating$

    You may have to add/change paths above and such, but it should work.
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      thanks really so much, i had make a system like this yesterday but was saving the rating on skin.ini (wrong way, cause skin.ini reads once when skin loads up)

      Tested and it's working
      Just made a little edit on the batch code replacing 1st and 2nd line with:
      FOR /F "tokens=*" %%i in ('clamp.exe /rating') do SET rating=%%i

      this will directly take the output of the command code and set the rating var
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