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    Hey guys,

    Im looking to create a custom notebook skin where I can just input simple things like a grocery list or reminders for the day. I know we have notepad already available, but I was hoping to use a text box and OSK in order to get a more integrated look. I have things working well for the most part but for some reason I can't get the text box to allow more than one line for input. I've tried programming a button to use the "CRLF" command as per rr's documentation, which should act as a return key, but have had no luck. Pressing enter on my computer's keyboard also just makes the computer ding and won't skip down a line either. Ive made the texbox certainly large enough to accomodate multiple lines. Anything special I need to do in the code for the textbox itself?

    This is what I have:
    T01,63,114,408,193,63,114,255,0,0,0,22,"HandelGotD Lig",,"TEXT",

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

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    Text boxes in RR are very basic and were never meant for extensive use like you're trying to do. The best thing to do is to use labels codes like "=$MyNote1$" then just add buttons or clickable areas to use OSKTOCMD/OSKTOVAR/SAVETOINI/etc to set the variable and save it so it displaus and re-loads later automatically. This would actually be one of the most basic uses for it and your labels can be multi-line if you wanted.
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