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  • Custom radio module

    Hello all,

    I'am working on plugin voor a custom radio module based on a tuner salvaged from an car radio. I got my inspiration from the Bluepunkt radio only i will be using an arduino to control the module and hopefully a proper plugin to interface RR with the arduino. Maybe not the best solution but one can always try right. There are not that much FM radio tuners for the pc with a good reception.

    For most parts I atleast know how to interface with controls in RR and how to set Labels and indicators. The part that is unclear for me is how to set up a custom source and use an variable to let RR know there is an custom source playing and to display station info on the main screen like a stock radio module.

    I have searched and found a few treads where there was a mention of currentsourceguid but not how to use it.

    Is it possible that someone can shed some light on it for me?

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    You can make this work in one of three ways:

    1-You can make just a regular plugin which detects the active source and pauses it before starting to play audio and you can control the radio with your own commands and screen/skin.


    2-You can make a custom source and control the radio with your own commands and screen/skin. I believe mitch made the source code for one of his source plugins available as an example.

    OR (Recommended)

    3-You can make an actual RADIO plugin and any existing radio skins will work with it directly. Check your PM - I can send you a sample radio plugin source.
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