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Random Speech in Radar Map/Weather

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  • Random Speech in Radar Map/Weather

    I've got a strange problem with RideRunner and latest DFX 5.1 (November 1 build).

    When viewing the Radar Map, National Weather Map, or (national) Temp Map under Weather, approximately every 2 minutes the software speaks what sounds like random gibberish, but it's repeating the same thing over and over. It is speaking individual letters and sounds like part of the speech is the station identification for one our local TV stations. I'm wondering if the software is perhaps retrieving the radar data from that station. I know it says "Weather Channel."

    This does not occur when viewing Current Weather or 4 Day Forecast. I reside in the USA. Asking the system to speak the current forecast functions normally.

    Either way, it's quite annoying. The speech is so rapid that I can't make out all of the characters. The string seems to be around 16-20 characters or so. I don't see any such text on the screen, so it is something hidden. Perhaps part of some data stream???

    Anyone have an idea of what this could be, why RR would be reading these characters, and how to stop it?

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    RR isnt, its part of the DFX 5.1 weather
    best to post in that thread

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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