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setting up hd radio

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  • setting up hd radio

    i need some help setting up my hd radio to road runner. i went with the diy method and built the circuit from this i bought a rs232 to usb adapter to connect to the diy circuit. when i plugged it into my computer, i hear the click that the module is turning on, but the road runner keeps saying that there is an error and to check the com setting. from what i have read, everyone says that i need to edit the rr.ini file. i am not that familiar with how to edit it. any help would be great

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    First step is probably to test with the mjs hd radio app. No ini to much with.


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      sorry im not really sure by what you mean. are you refering to the road runner program or is there a separate application i need


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        if you purchased your cable from me, you would have a cd with a stand alone app
        since you didnt... download it from my skydrive

        if it works with that, it will work with RideRunner

        "Did you test it in carwings??"

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