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"Error on InitDX: 5 Invalid procedure call or argument" for directory iLists

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  • "Error on InitDX: 5 Invalid procedure call or argument" for directory iLists

    Hi all.

    I am hoping for some assistance tracking down what is wrong with my new pc install.

    Whenever I load a directory type iList, I receive the following error "Error on InitDX: 5 Invalid procedure call or argument". I have not been able to figure out why yet. This only happens for DL iLists. PL iLists are fine.

    A few Notes:
    - This is a new clean install of Win7 32
    - I am using CarWings to test
    - The latest video drivers were installed
    - The latest Directx was installed
    - December 2012 RideRunner is installed
    - debug.txt is attached

    The problem is obviously environment specific, but I have not been able identify the problem. I am hoping that someone will be able to give me some clues as to what is going on. i.e Directx is definitely failing, but what does "5 Invalid procedure call or argument" tell us? Why does it work fine for PL type iLists?

    Thanks in advance,
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    OK. Figured it out.

    Since the new pc is headless (monitor is already installed in the Jeep), I was doing much of my setup using Remote Desktop. It seems that DirectX doesn't get loaded properly in the case of directory iLists when using RDP.

    I dragged out an old monitor connected to the PC, and all of my iLists worked fine (without RDP involved).


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      yes, directx isnt supported over RDP


      "Did you test it in carwings??"

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        Just FYI, look at TeamViewer. With the quality options set to Optimize for quality, I can watch video almost without hickups over Wired LAN. And RR iLists are not an issue either (just checked this out actually before posting) And best part is that the full installer allows you to just run it or install it. I now have it installed on all my PC's. I've had some trouble with the builtin RDP between my W7 desktop and W7 laptop, so now i just use the Teamviewer SW and there is never a issue. Matter of fact, this post is was typed on my desktop from my lappy....hehe
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