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Save a picture file from a picturebox (VB.NET)

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  • Save a picture file from a picturebox (VB.NET)

    I try create a plugin that read a QRCode !
    It run very well with a file read on my hard disk and i want to add the possibility to read a picture from a webcam !
    My webcam save well a frame into a picturebox but i can't to save my picture as a file !
    my picturebox's name is 'picImage' so i use the command:
    picImage.Image.Save("test.bmp", System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Bmp)
    But my picture isn't saved !
    Where is my error please ?

    The error returned is:
    BCode Reader error: The reference of the object isn't defined as an object's instance .
    I suppose that i need to create an new object before my command save ?
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    Quick google search brought me to here:

    I love stackoverflow, very reliable... In regards to what was said there, are you drawing the image using the graphics class or setting the .Image of the picturebox? I know I've ran into the same problems in the past when drawing stuff with the graphics class.
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      Edit: Disregard. I only half-read the post because it's early and I'm not yet caffeinated.
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