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Directed HD and USB cable Audio Quiet

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  • Directed HD and USB cable Audio Quiet

    So I have been trying to get this HD radio working. Here is my dilemma.
    The audio out of the HD radio is VERY quiet when output is 100% percent. I am using the UAS4 and have plugged headphones into the output to test as well and it is quiet. The sirius is much louder line level output when I manually sqitch to that input. I have tested in SATAMP as well as riderunner but can not get it any louder and I can cross off mixer issues as well as UAS issues as I have switched the port and have also tried direct with headphones out of the UAS. I am stumped.

    When I use the screen that came with the HD unit, the audio is much louder, as well as when I unplug the USB cable, after a few seconds, the audio gets much louder.
    Any input on what could be making the output so quiet?

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    software controls the output, so... its up to the software
    or its in mute, the cable/sw controls the mute, but if I remember, mute is 100 mute
    assuming a lot here....

    like its my cable
    and you didn't mess with the HDvolume setting of rr..."hdvolume=xx"
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    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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      I posted in more detail on your forum.


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        Same problem in satamp and hdpcr

        I blame any errors on auto correct...since I an sending this from my Galaxy S3